Welcome to the website of Gorissen Peerboom Maastricht (G.P.M.) B.V.

We have been active in the domestic and international tipping transports of almost all kinds of raw material. Our transport activities are generally based in the Benelux, Germany, France, Spain and Switzerland.

We are in the possession of the necessary licenses to transport waste products through Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. These licenses can be adjusted to each product that we will be transporting. We are also specialized in providing the transports of ADR-waste products as almost all our drivers are trained and certified for proper application of ADR regulations, both for domestic and international transports.

Our truck fleet is fully composed out of relatively new trucks. All of these vehicles have the environmental ranking Euro 6, the highest possible ranking at this time. This enables our fleet to cross through many urban areas which older vehicles are prohibited to enter and maximally reduce the CO2-emssions for our vehicles. At the moment, our fleet consists out of approximately 55 trucks.

Our drivers have a knowledge of multiple languages,  allowing them to communicate at almost every address in our target areas.

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